Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Growth Factors of Online Shopping in Bangladesh

Establishing and running a physical store is becoming daunting in Bangladesh. Therefore, many entrepreneurs including women think of online shops due to emerging trends and ease in shopping, shipping, and payment through secure online payment gateways. There are other several factors contributing in the rapid growth of online shopping stores in Bangladesh.

If we look at the statistics of population in Bangladesh compared to its natural and other economic resources, we can find greatly skewed graph. In other words, high density in terms of population is hindering its growth for small to big businesses. Among them retailing businesses are affected the most.

Adverse Factors for Brick Store Growth in Bangladesh

One thing for brick-and-mortar store is true that they have to spend a lot on establishment of physical store. Moreover, selection of right location like place in good locality, parking facilities, easy access of main road, movement of highly prospective consumers, etc. are some vital factors that determine the sustaining or growth of the business.

At other hand, customers who are residing a bit away from the brick store may avoid commuting in heavy traffic of Bangladeshi cities. Moving from one store to another in order to select the right product and do some bargaining in costs may prove costly at the end if they spend more on fuel.

Factors Favoring Online Shopping in Bangladesh 

As we have seen that brick stores have hard time to flourish more in Bangladesh, online shopping has more favor against those odds. With the advent of technologies, establishing online store is quite cheaper while higher proliferation of mobile devices has made Internet access easy and instant.

Therefore, Bangladeshi online shoppers prefer purchasing from e-retailers many durable and shippable products like electronic gadgets, home appliances, personal assets such as clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. Today we can witness innumerable other products on small to big online stores or web portals due to growth of the online shopping trends in Bangladesh.

The most favorable factor for the growth of online shopping is the evolution in payment system. For instance, easy payment through M-banking, Internet banking, credit or debit card payment, bKash, cash on delivery, and various schemes offered by reputed payment gateway operators like Payza Bangladesh have not only encouraged Bangladeshis to do online shopping, but also made e-payment secure and smooth.

Due to involvement of government, banking sector, and reputed payment gateway entrepreneurs like Payza have changed the scenario of online shopping in Bangladesh and encouraged many women entrepreneurs to jump into the highly rewarding field on e-commerce.

One more factor is easy acceptance and transaction of international currencies through Payza Bangladesh like payment gateways have encouraged IT service providers to grow and add fuel in the growth of economy of the Bangladesh. Moreover, they have made online shopping storefront development highly competitive hence cheaper and with quality.

Finally, high penetration rate of social media like Facebook have encouraged start-ups, small businesses, and many enterprises to explore the unexploited audience through creation of Facebook fan pages and using its social networking services to boost the online shopping in Bangladesh.

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