Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Selection of Payment Gateway the Bangladeshi E-Commerce Dilemma

When web developers create e-commerce for Bangladesh, selection of payment gateway is always challenging due to unique scenario of e-commerce in Bangladesh. Recent moves of Payza Bangladesh have offered it an edge over other rivals even at local level for various modes of payment.

Generally, e-commerce web developers and e-commerce mobile app developers either are integrating payment gateways with what their competitors in that e-commerce niche has done or simply ask the client if it is B2B project. Very few e-commerce developers have inclination to go through extensive search process and find out the actual needs of targeted audience.

We have general perception regarding payment gateway functions such as:

•  Accept payment rapidly
•  Accept payment easily
•  Accept payment securely
•  Build trust carefully

These are common expectations from any standard payment gateways solution for any quality e-commerce storefront. However, deviations and additions are taking place when regional, cultural, social, and economic factors involve in the decision of payment gateways integration of the eCommerce stores.

For instance, PayPal is considered as number one global payment gateway solution across the globe, but its higher fees, over sensitivity for extra sale or loads, and excessive paper work in many instances are hindering factors for many regions of the world, particularly developing and locally protective policies implementing countries.

No doubt, Bangladesh is one of them and has unique, but valid expectations from any payment gateway operation for its citizens and within legal territory of the country. If we check features and functionality of a payment gateway suitable for Bangladeshi online shoppers or e-transactions, we can realize these facts obviously.

Unique Needs of Payment Gateways for Bangladesh

Affordable Fees:

As we know, the Bangladeshi currency Taka is very weak against dollar in international market and compared to neighboring countries like India. Thus, if any payment gateway counts its sign up, transaction, and other fees in dollar or Pound like strong currencies, it proves non-viable and non-feasible for such poor country or its citizens.

It is good if sign up fees incurred for large volume of transaction seekers and same for transaction fees when large volume of transactions taking place by big business houses or international players working from foreign countries. Thus, affordability is prime issue for lower to mid level of users in Bangladesh when the selection of payment gateway is in question. Fortunately, Payza Bangladesh is the cheapest payment gateways valid and available in Bangladesh without compromising the quality of services despite such competitive fee structure.

Ease and Convenience:

Payza is highly customized payment gateway solution for Bangladesh because it supports numerous currencies around the world and have presence in more than 190 countries of the world where possibilities of Bangladesh based business transactions or presence of NRB from Bangladesh are high.

The algorithm, user interface, and user experiences crafted on Payza Bangladesh is the most befitting solution for the Bangladeshis. In fact, Payza had run thorough research of Bangladeshi culture, behavior, and preferences prior to developed and unveiled Payza solutions so it can address exact needs of Bangladeshi online shoppers and other Internet communities.

Moreover, Payza Bangladesh has collaborated with leading banks of Bangladesh to execute OPGSP payment and BEFTN like services to meet local needs of online shopping community as well as locals to topple or withdraw money easily and in comprehensive ways. Therefore, Payza allows credit and debit cards, mobile, on service desk of banks and other multiple methods for its users to accomplish their tasks or needs easily, securely, and rapidly.

Payza obeys local rules of the country and support the law and its requirement by providing essential info to the government bodies on valid reasons or hiding the sensitive info of its users to protect their privacy. Thus, it has won hearts of all Bangladeshi folk within short span.


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