Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ways to Boost Online Shopping in Bangladesh

Just overcoming the infrastructural problem is not key to successful e-commerce development, but real secrete lies in the creation of conductive environment that enable and encourage customers to do online shopping and Bangladesh now needs it. Let’s see what we can do to boost the purchase intentions of the people of Bangladesh regarding to online shopping including offering outstanding payment options.

It is true that Bangladesh has set back in e-commerce march with advent of technologies due to its political and socioeconomic turmoil in the past. Now, government and people of Bangladesh are trying to link country with rest of digital world through development of supporting framework for online shoppers and other Internet based activities such as secure money transactions.

However, investing and trying to create good infrastructure for online shopping in Bangladesh is not only one key of success. In fact, we need something more than that to populate e-commerce culture in this country. Among the many factors that influence the culture of online shopping in Bangladesh, creating a thirst or say, developing customer purchase intention is the major one. Let’s check what can assist businesses or organizations to boost the online shopping intentions among the people of Bangladesh.

Geography and Demography of Target Audience

It has observed that young, educated, and only high income groups take part in online shopping or Internet related activities. No doubt, some retired officers and high income middle aged people use e-commerce, but their numbers are limited. These groups of people mostly located in the urban areas of Bangladesh.
Therefore, it is mandatory to make Internet affordable and accessible across the country so middle class people of society can afford it. No doubt, recent mobile or handheld devices craze has opened new fronts to access Internet in the remote and rural areas through 2G/3G as well as other mode of cellular connections.

Attitudes of Target Audience/Customers

Researchers have found that certain attitudes influence the intentions of the people towards e-commerce and e-transactions and they are:
  •  Benefits/advantages
  • Consequences/ensues
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Willingness of Interactions
Unstable socioeconomic and political conditions have created lots of distrusts among the people and money transactions need the high security guarantees. No doubt, many residents, and non-resident Bangladeshi entrepreneurs have good work in this regard and offered dependable and long-term solutions.

Social Support
Here role of social culture, government, and media is critical. If they all work in positive directions and create highly conductive environment for the online shoppers, everything can turn in to the favor of vast e-commerce business opportunities for present and future generations.

Legal Support
It is true that hackers, mischievous people, and anti-social elements are prevailing in every society and in each country. Therefore, adequate laws and implementation infrastructure are essential to offer secure environment for online shopping activities in Bangladesh. Fortunately, recent moves of government and interests of businesses have pushed the matter in right directions and in right dimensions.

IT Supports
March of Internet related technologies are in rapid pace across the world. People are adapting and used to smartphones, tablets, and even wearable devices besides traditional laptops/desktops for their Internet related needs. If support of IT software and hardware is adequate in terms of creating quality products at affordable rates, the market of online shopping in Bangladesh can be flourishing at amazing pace.


If we look at the people of Bangladesh, we may find that there are lots of efforts need to be done by businesses and entrepreneurs besides the government agencies in this regard. If we look at the above given factors, we will find that security is the prime concern of the customers or Internet users in Bangladesh. This article offer different suggestions on the ways to boost online shopping in Bangladesh therefore, this article may give you useful insights for further work in this regard.


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