Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Payza Bangladesh—PayPal Alternative in Bangladesh

At one hand, credit/debit cards are facing security threats everywhere and they are more pronounced in Bangladesh like country. At other hand, Bangladesh can’t allow cryptocurrency and other international payment methods where tracing where about of senders or sometime receivers are not available for security agencies. Thus, Payza is the fittest solution for the Bangladeshis and simulate the services of PayPal indeed!

Bangladesh is densely populated country, if we calculate population density per sq. km. Fortunately it has average age of 23 and its scrappy young generation heading towards rapid socioeconomic changes along with political ambiance. Awareness, education, and influence of entrepreneurs within and outside the country are bringing rapid changes in the lifestyle and the ways people think and behave.
Brick and mortar businesses are now converting to brick-to-click and e-commerce ventures by recognizing the upcoming trends and mood of Bangladeshis. Invasion of mobile Internet has made easy to go online and perform the desired online shopping from anywhere and at any time. Now, just tell me who would like to go outside to deal with traffic mesh and burn fuel albeit with wasting valuable time in moving shop-to-shop.

Obstacles in the Way
However, Internet shopping in Bangladesh is not quite easy, as it seems, literally in other countries particularly in western counterparts. In USA, you can use PayPal like payment gateways freely and securely whether you are a US citizen or not. Unfortunately, it is not true in Bangladesh because PayPal and others do willingly not exist in the economy. Bangladesh is highly sensitive and protective economy in Asia. Therefore, it avoids international players who become cause of dollar drains, instruments of terrorism, and adverse in the interests of the country at this stage.

Another reason is mindset of Bangladeshis who believe that each entrepreneur invests only for sake of fatty profits and they hardly place trusts on other money transfer or payment methods. For these very reasons, payment on delivery and brick-to-click like models resume much. Other factors such as opening merchant account and payment gateway account for a business or buyer is tedious to do.

Unique Nature and Condition of Bangladesh
At other hand, Bangladeshis love to do quick online shopping instead of waiting for long in traffic mesh. They love to have simple payment process even they don’t have permanent bank account. The demand for such extreme level simplicities without missing security concern of bank, people, and government was challenging to translate in solid reality.

Role of Payza Bangladesh
Fortunately, Payza Bangladesh has taken bid to create bespoken solutions for Bangladesh in its own circumstances. What Payza Bangladesh has done? It has implemented e-wallet concept where anyone can create account with Payza Bangladesh, simply by visiting a teller in bank or registering online by filling essential info and identity/authentication. You would have multiple options to topple money in your account in bank or online. 

Now, you are ready to do online shopping, transfer money to your relatives/friends, or withdraw money coming from others. If you have cryptocurrency and you want to covert it in Taka (local money), you can take help of Payza Bangladesh with minimum charges. In fact, this e-wallet concept absolutely eliminates the merchant account from the default online payment system and you have to just deal with a reputable international payment service provider in your local Bangladeshi environment with your own ways.

Bangladeshi PayPal
Payza Bangladesh is feasible solution for the exporter, non-residential Bangladeshis, and offshore service providers like software designers, developers, Internet marketers, and many. Perhaps, Payza Bangladesh is highly sought after solution for the outsourcing industry, which desperately needs Bangladeshi PayPal in absence of real PayPal.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Payza Bangladesh - Makes You Save on Sending Money Anywhere

Payza Bangladesh Send Money Online
Payza Bangladesh has introduced quite simple yet powerful services under the feature of instantly send money to your loved ones with the least charges existing on the planet for such services. This also breaks the myth of digital divide through technological advancements.
‘SimplySendBD’ where you can

Role of Mobiles
The recent onset of mobile devices usage among all the strata of the society including Bangladeshis, have raised the hopes of some feasible solutions using mobile network. Except smartphones, most of the mobiles are affordable and easy to use for the low-literate Bangladeshis. Initially, it was considered as the dividing technologies for poor and rich. Unfortunately, reverse became true and mobile have filled up the gaps.

Today M-Banking is gaining ground in third world country and easy access of Internet through mobile devices have created a place for big payment gateways to enter in these low-strata population of society easily. Just as Indian government has done in Andhra state, Bangladesh is going to implement its G2P payment system using the modern tools and technologies including mobiles and G3 connectivity.

Cost-Effective Sending Money Options
Fortunately, some entrepreneurs have initiated wise and advanced steps towards this direction and Payza Bangladesh is a front-runner. Payza has made sending and receiving money cheaper and quick through SimplySendBD because you don't need to spend more than 2% or $10 even if you want to send $2K. Apart from cost-effectiveness, easy topping options and quick delivery through various modes including cash pickup and home delivery. In due course, Payza Bangladesh has established 5K retail locations across the country.

Inexpensive and convenient remittance options have made receiving of huge aids like $1.4 billion from developed countries quite easily and affordable. This is a significant improvement in alleviating poverty program. Besides foreign aids, migrant Bangladeshis send approx $11.65 billion money to their home county in one year.

These SimplySendBD and e-wallet like features/schemes of Payza Bangladesh is one of the welcome steps towards empowering this emerging economy. Thus, Payza Bangladesh has created conductive environment for the e-commerce in Bangladesh where anyone can pay, send, and receive money at the comfort of their home and within the shortest laps of time.