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Trends in Online Shopping with Home Delivery in Bangladesh

Online Shopping Home Delivery Payza Bangladesh
Online shopping in Bangladesh has outstanding challenges in terms of payment and delivery because in numerous cases both are mingled with each other, as payment takes place once delivery is finished in form of home delivery of goods. Unfortunately, recent market is expanding in terms of goods available and home delivery can’t associate with payment in all cases.

Internet has changed the scenario of people’s lifestyle and way of business doing in the country. Despite the crinkling infrastructure for transport, electricity, and wired Internet network, online activities are flourishing at rapid pace and seem to be parallel to its affluent western counterparts.

Online Shopping Status in Bangladesh
Numerous online shops are working solely on the internet while majority of brick stores enjoy status of click-to-brick shop in modern Bangladeshi society where each home has one person living abroad. Mobiles have made internet ubiquitous. Therefore, people are free to place their selling needs on auction sites, whilst buyers have freedom to purchase products from anywhere and at their convenient time.

Online Shopping Behavior of Bangladeshis
However, the nature of Bangladeshis is a bit conservative and people generally don’t put trust on other especially in payment made on internet where receivers are unknown and lots of frauds or scams have been registered before. Moreover, traffic issues are acute in major cities of Bangladesh where a big chunk of online shoppers is residing.

Cash On Delivery Model
Therefore, expecting of buying and picking up the goods are rare thing in practice here. Bangladeshi folks love to deal in face-to-face mode so cash on delivery is highly popular mode of payment in cities as well as in rural areas in particular. There are two benefits of cash on delivery that buyers and sellers both are secure for the payment as well as right delivery at their respective ends while buyers can promptly inform vendors for any sort of fraud or swindle carried out by middle men or any damage occurred during shipment.
Unfortunately, all goods are not possible to ship through this payment method and collect cash, only food items ready to serve, groceries, furniture, and so on items of day-to-day use fall in cash on delivery payment mode. Valuable items are generally purchased either through personal visits or through secure payment gateways in advance payment mode only.

Promise of Secure Payment
Fortunately, Bangladesh payment gateway services like Payza Bangladesh have quite safe and secure online payment method through internet as well via credit/debit cards with bargaining service charges. Even secure e-transactions are possible in rural areas where connectivity and financial infrastructure are issues all times.

Payza Bangladesh has changed the scenario of online shopping in Bangladesh through various payment gateway related schemes unveiled in collaboration with major banks of Bangladesh and government itself. People now no longer need cash on delivery like long and risky routes of online shopping in Bangladesh thanks to Payza Bangladesh and banking network to introduce trust factors among the most privileged people of Asian region.

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