Monday, 9 February 2015

Online Shops in Bangladesh—An Emerging Business Sector

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After prolonged sufferings, Bangladesh is observing phenomenal growths in e-commerce and related activities on commercial fronts. Changing mind sets and advent of technologies have changed the scenario of overall economy and lifestyles of common man. At present many online shops in Bangladesh are performing excellently and serving people in great ways. Let’s check how and what they are doing.

In past, Bangladeshi economy was performing the worst due to high inflation rate, mindset of Bangladeshi towards startup entrepreneurs, high interest rates, and lack of platform for entrepreneurs to address their issues. However, recent moves from government and awareness of globalization among the new generation and affluent society of Bangladesh have given birth of many unique and modern businesses and uplift of economy by-and-large.

Governments in recent past have initiated many schemes to establish modern IT infrastructure and Internet framework along with technological advancement in telecommunication including 2G/3G network for smart handheld devices. At other hand technologies became cheaper and affordable despite desirable improvements. These have made good recipe for entrepreneurs to invest and get some fortunes from it. Many residential and non-residential Bangladeshi have invested in various sectors of economy and technologies. However, the significant growth was observed in e-commerce or online shops in compared to other emerging fields.
Reasons behind the Raise of Online Shops in Bangladesh
Just like other society of the word, economic growth in Bangladesh has changed the lifestyles of the Bangladeshi. Therefore, you will observe the scarcity of time, rush of commuters, increase in urbanization, frequent shutdowns due to political unrest, and thirst for more in modern Bangladesh. This has led people to take shortcuts and help of modern communication technologies to grease their day-to-day chores. 

Proliferation of smart mobile devices has brought everything on their fingertips/mouse tips and online shopping in Bangladesh is becoming trendy. People love infinite search options, comparative shopping options, home delivery or click to brick type shopping, and most importantly personalization on e-commerce portals along with personalized incentives.

Current Online Shops in Bangladesh
For instance, high turnover of ClickBD is indicating love of Bangladeshi for online trades and shopping. CellBazar has grabbed wide sects of Bangladeshi society and covered urban as well as rural areas in these days. Numbers of products and services listed on CellBazar makes it the biggest e-commerce portal in Bangladesh. 
Besides simple B2C ecommerce portals, Bangladesh has variety of other e-commerce web presence like Akhoni, Bikroy and BD Giftshop online market places where you can get daily deals and other discounted deals for range of other brick and online stores just like Groupon in Australia and other western counterparts.

We can’t underestimate the contributions of entrepreneurs who have made online shopping and its payment or money transaction safe and secure, like Payza has done recently. Thus, cumulative approaches have changed the scenario of Bangladeshi society by introduction of online shopping stores and other Internet related activities. 


No doubt, government and its agencies are working as the biggest contributors in form of B2G e-commerce and help in the boost of online shopping awareness among the people who approaches the government services and want better results. This article focuses on the evaluation of past and present scenario for online shops in Bangladesh.

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