Monday, 18 May 2015

Social Media & Online Shopping in Bangladesh

social Media and Online shopping
Bangladeshi entrepreneurs are facing many challenges while establishing their own independent online shopping websites. Against these, social media networking sites like Facebook offers cheaper and more viable alternatives for them. Thus, social media have boosted the online shopping trends in the Bangladesh at initial stage and now e-commerce stores are following the trends and establishing full-fledged stores.

In recent past, Bangladesh was a country of deprivation in terms of modern technologies and affluent lifestyles. It was blessed by its unstable political and scanty natural resources against the dense population.

After 2007, gradually scenario has changed due to penetrations of ICT, proliferation of mobility, and initiatives of government as well as some entrepreneurs. Now, Bangladeshis are enjoying broadband connections, mobile Internet access through 3G/4G technologies, Internet banking, credit/debit card payment, bKash, and Payza Bangladesh like secure payment gateways for local and international money transactions.

Role of Social Media – Facebook
Besides these advancements, popularity of Facebook in Bangladesh has added more advantages for online shoppers as well as online business entrepreneurs. Facebook has offered the cheapest alternative for the online shopping store startups and it was started with clothing items including traditional dresses like Salwar Kameez, Sari, etc. No doubt, there were women entrepreneurs at first place who were running home based boutiques.

Practical Examples
If you look at the practical examples, the first name comes is of Safwan Rizvi of Hardstyle Revolution brand, as she is enjoying approx 15K customer support through Facebook page initially and now through her own website. She has achieved such popularity within the shortest span of three years.

Another woman entrepreneur who had recognized the immense potential of Facebook pages was the owner of Style World, as she had started her journey from 2005 through Facebook, and had captured customers beyond the country borders. Therefore, you can find more than 600K likes on her Facebook fan page of her business Style World.

The story similar to it was that of Andeem, which is an established fashion brand in Banani enjoying its own flagship store. The Andeem was a brainchild of Eemam Ahmed and; Farah Deeba, which had started on the Facebook initially, and eventually turned in to the reputed brick as well as online shopping destination for Bangladeshis. Thus, Facebook is playing vital role in providing a feasible and viable platform for the female designer as well as other female entrepreneurs for quick and reliable exposure.

Reasons Behind
Social media or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are providing different opportunities for businesses to augment their brand and create an online reputation through transparent communication with their potential audience/customers. For instance, creating Facebook business page cost nil against establishing a website or a physical store. Administrative or overhead cost of online venture through Facebook page is nothing unless you hire one or two fellows to manage the day-to-day affairs and SMO campaign.

Moreover, Facebook page bring transparency and live dialogue between the business and audience through freedom of expression, as anyone can express her experiences with brand and show likeness or dis-likeness through comments, Like button, or sharing the post placed on the Facebook account. Recently, Facebook has taken some initiations to provide payment and other options through its paid services using online and other standard payment methods.

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