Friday, 5 June 2015

Payza Bangladesh Provides Different Account Types for Sending and Receiving Money

Whether you wish to send or receive money online, accept payments for your sold products or services, or even managing businesses online, you need to have Payza account customized to meet your needs. Let’s check the account types and their benefits in e-transactions.

Bangladesh is a tiny country, but growing economy on the world map. Government, infrastructure, and Bangladeshis are growing mature over the time and trying to keep pace with advent of technologies. Today, Bangladesh has huge mass of migrant population outside the country that is fueling the native economy by sending money, work, and entrepreneurs in different modes.

Thus, the lifestyle of the average Bangladeshi is improving and modernization getting ways ahead. The ultimate side effect of this is in the growth of e-commerce and e-transfer activities using modern technologies and tools. Mobile and 3G/4G like communication forms have made Internet ubiquitous and easily accessible in the hands of poor to rich strata of society.

Role of Unique Payment Gateways

In wake of increased sending and receiving money interactions, Bangladesh needs customized and unique payment gateway solution providers who understand the goals of government and people by-and-large. Fortunately, Payza has taken bid to ease the sending and receiving money interactions of Bangladeshis online. In fact, Payza Bangladesh is integrating the latest and excellent payment gateway technologies in its offerings, exclusively for Bangladesh, time-to-time and going to offer different types of accounts with different sets of features and functionality.

Payza accounts allows users, who wish to do limited money exchanges in form of sending or receiving money across the world covering approx more than 190 countries. The Payza account types permit users to receive money with little fees in compared to other quality players and let them send money for zero fees. For non-residents Bangladeshis, nearly 21 currencies are available as options to send money in Bangladesh by converting them in Taka. Apart from these, these account types support various incentives and referral programs offered by Payza enabled merchants and other referrals.

Type #1: Personal Account
This account type is the most appropriate option for tech-savvy users. As, it lets them to sell/buy online, accept or make payments using credit/debit cards, users can send invoices to their customers if they use this account for business purposes, this account also let them to customize payment process, and send them instant notification on each interactions of either side. Of course, this type of account holders has to bear negligible or small amount of fees for sending and receiving money online or through e-transactions.

Type #2: Business Account
As its name suggests it is exclusively for businesses and enterprises, which have to manage one or more businesses and augment their brands using business names in all sorts of transactions. Therefore, this type of account gives all needed features and functionality for a reputed and intricate business whether doing e-commerce or working on Internet for multiple purposes. No doubt, Payza Bangladesh is recurring fees for such account worth the services it offers, but cheaper in compared to other players in the market for the same user experiences.

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